Slimlite and double glazing

With heating bills constantly on the rise, many look to maximise their energy efficiency throughout the home. One way to do this is by replacing existing single glazed sashes with slimlite double glazing or standard double glazing.

Landmark Window Company Offer These Glazing Options:

  • Slimlite double glazing with traditional solid glazing bars
  • Standard double glazing with applied glazing bars
  • Single glazing for listed and conservation areas were historic protection applies

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Double glazed but still matching the original slim profiles
  • Draught-proofed
  • Factory spray finished
  • Hassle free future maintenance
  • Five year guarantee and fensa certificate
  • Complies with part L building regulations
  • Eliminates condensation and heat loss
  • Reduce outside noise such as road and air traffic
  • Adding value to your property

Solid and stick on glazing bars

Slimlite units enable you to have traditional solid glazing bars. However were this may not be possible standard double glazed units can be used. Then when multiple panes are required the glazing bars are applied to the glass.

Double glazing specification

The U-Value of double glazed units depends on the specification of the double glazed unit.This can be determined by the customers requirements and the sash thickness. Double glazing specification