Draught-proofing & Fitting

draugh proof and fittingDraft proofing is one of the most cost effective ways of reducing your carbon footprint. We specialise in the installation of traditional English Heritage recommended draught-proofing system, whether it be to existing or new windows. This will help you conserve energy in your home thereby reducing your energy bills.

Sash and casement windows both have a 3mm gap around them allowing them to open, close and operate smoothly. This 3mm gap is what can cause drafts and rattles in your windows, draught-proofing windows and doors is the easiest way to get rid of these inherent problems. Spray finish beading fitted with the draft proofing Brush can be installed to boxes and frames to seal your windows from draughts, also on sliding sashes the meeting rail can be routed out for draft proofing to be installed. We are also able to router out doors so we can permanently fix draught-proofing. The correct brush will be selected to fit any gap around doors or windows. We can ensure that our years of knowledge and experience will mean we can come up with the best solution for any draft proofing problem.

Key benefits from our draft proofing service:

draugh proof and fitting 2
  • Suitable for both sash and casement windows, as well as doors
  • No more rattles, sash windows and doors that operate smoothly
  • Keeps dirt and dust out
  • Warmer rooms, keeping cold air out and warm air in
  • Significant savings on your heating bills, reduced carbon footprint and increased energy efficiency
  • Increased efficiency means this product service has a lower VAT of 5%
Our team of fitters have years of experience with all aspects of fitting joinery. Built up years of knowledge allows them to find the best solution to any problem. Polite and friendly, we can ensure the job will get done in the most convenient way for you. Not only doing an excellent job they will leave your home spotless.

Why choose our fitters:

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  • All fitters are polite and friendly with a professional appearance
  • Years of experience, ensuring your new joinery products are installed to the highest standard
  • Start to finish service
  • Installation of products can be booked for a convenient time for you
  • Home left spotless inside and out, with all rubbish and waste taken away by our team
  • Five year insurance back guarantee and fensa certificate provided